SILK tulle veil with lace edge in a short length

This silk tulle veil drops easily and softly around the shoulders
What's the difference between a silk tulle veil and a veil made of polyester?

The biggest difference is the quality, silk tulle is softer to feel on than on a veil of polyester, another difference is that the veil falls differently across the shoulder.

A silk tulle veil is easier and will be easier to move towards the middle when moving (especially in wind), while a polyester veil is more spread out, but of course, depending on how to place it in the hair.

A third difference is of course the price. A silk veil costs more than a polyester veil. However, there may be variables such as, a lace edge, embroidery with stone ect.

The fourth thing is, that a silk veil is more tender and fragile

This is a lovely veil that fits most wedding dresses



MEASUREMENTS:75 cm long x width 110 cm-  width lace 5 cm

MATERIALS:Silke tulle 100%- lace- viscose ,polyester

CARE:Dry clean




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